Rebranding Minds

Who stole your dream?

Who are you today?Where is your dream today?If you no longer nurture it,what happenned to it?At what point did you start parting ways with your dream?When did it start appearing an impossibility?What changed in your unending hope to become the world's greatest?Mbugua Mumbi helps individuals, groups and Corporates get back on track to achieving their dreams.
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Mbugua Mumbi's Story

Who is Mbugua Mumbi?

Get to know Mbugua Mumbi,about his work,aspirations and a peak into some of his previous work.

Mbugua's Story



The only reason I ask God to give me a tomorrow every day is simply to touch a life.


Excuse me!Your Dream is calling you.

Excuse me!Your Dream is calling you

It really does not make any difference where you are headed today except that there are lessons in this book that will guarantee a new and exciting direction in your life. Learn More
Vitamins for success

Vitamins for success

Never use past or present challenges as the yardstick for the tomorrow that you desire. A 1000 shilling bill, no matter how soiled it may be can never devalue to 100 shillings. Learn More
Becoming an 'A' student of life

Becoming an 'A' student of life

Becoming an ‘A’ Student in Life is a compass for high school and college students to help them address the myriad of challenges confronting them in today’s world. Learn More