Corporate Talks with Motivational Speaker,Mbugua Mumbi

Corporate Talks

The desired destiny of every business organization, big or small, is performance excellence.  Every employer wishes that it were possible to put employees on the autopilot mode of productivity.
The biggest question is: how can we achieve the highest level of engagement in our staff?
Yet we have observed people in auto pilot mode when they have engaged in activities they have passion for. People obsessed with certain activities like sports or music can spend an endless amount of time and energy doing what they love. This is because in such activities and moments they are fully engaged in doing something they have chosen to love - they are passionate. They are in-spirit.   
At Success Signature we prefer to look at an organization's products and services like 'vaccines' critical in addressing the challenges facing humanity. People need these 'vaccines' to make their lives better. This means that if the employees are not passionate about sharing the 'vaccines' as selflessly as possible, they are denying humanity a chance to live better.

The focus of all our programs is to complement an organization's efforts in enhancing staff engagement. Through our @RebrandingMinds approach we help staff to embed the  following mindshift:

Right Arrow: The OCTANE Experience OLD PARADIGM (Read Ocean)




Earning a commission/salary

Earning life

Working for my employer

Mutual partnership with my employer

Accountable to my Boss/CEO

Being the CEO of ME Ltd

I am an employee

I am a Consultant

Working on a routine job

A call to serve humanity

Hoping for promotions

Self promotion through personal excellence

Ordinary performance

Legacy of excellence

'Hands on the Job'

'Hearts on the Job'

Work Compliance

Work Commitment



"When you change the way you have been looking at things, the very things you have been looking at also change"…. Dr. Wayne Dyer.

This essentially aids in creating a new normal in personal and organizational performance.