Who is Mbugua Mumbi

Humble Beginnings

Mbugua Mumbi was born and raised by a single illiterate mother who was a barmaid. She later worked as a casual labourer in coffee plantations till her death. The mother had a total of 11 children- eight daughters and three sons. He has never met his father. The family was the poorest in the village and would go days without a meal. Mbugua Mumbi and his siblings would collect sugar cane waste on dustbins on their way to school just to whet the hunger pangs.

Mumbi Says;

“On countless days mum would boil dry maize or bananas for supper. Other days we would survive on a cup of sugarless porridge. It was so tough on us that sometimes we would scavenge in the dustbins within the shopping centre looking for a morsel of any leftovers. We would even collect chewed sugar cane waste and chew it all over again in an attempt to whet the unbearable hunger pangs. It was a dog’s life and it seemed like it was there to last forever”.

We suffered extreme humiliation from the society sometimes being referred to as bastards. They referred to my mother as a prostitute and even ostracized her from attending the family union as she could not contribute financially. Mom encouraged us to develop a thick skin, deafness and blindness to people’s opinions. ‘If you throw stones to every dog that backs at you, you end up wasting a lot of your time and energy and hence defocusing from your goal’, she would always counsel. We used to sleep on the bare floor only covering ourselves with inadequate sisal sacks during the night.


The Turning Point

In primary level five Mbugua Mumbi was sent home for a paltry 50 bob, school activity fee. The mother went to borrow this from a friend who was working as a messenger in a bank and he carried the young boy along. The sight of a beautiful office and lots of money made Mbugua ask his mother, “Mum is it possible for me to work in this bank when I grow up”. The mother courageously responded, “God shall grant the desires of your heart”.

This was Mbugua Mumbi’s mental turning point. He started dreaming and proclaiming that he would become a bank manager.


Working in the Bank

Mbugua Mumbi started working in this bank, Barclays Bank, as a tea boy. He could not get a better job since he had very little education. But after working for about six months the bank noted his passion, diligence, integrity and people skills. He was put through the entrance interviews which he did and passed. He became a bank clerk. He worked extra hard to rise to the level of a manager in seven years. By the time he was poached by another bank he was already a senior manager.

Mbugua Mumbi chose to leave employment at the prime of his career to pursue his True North. His resignation letter was titled, The Road Least Travelled

Mbugua Mumbi’s Passion

“The only reason I ask God to give me a tomorrow every day is simply to touch a life”. My mission in life can best be expresses thus;

That when the years turn my vision dim and gray, I shall still be seeing beauty in the tired wrinkles of my face and I shall take pride and comfort out of the fact and knowledge that when God granted me the opportunity I gave myself selflessly in empowering other people to discover themselves, realize their full potential and exploit the unlimited opportunities on the road to better and more fulfilling lives.

His mantra in life is;

Powered by Purpose
Fueled by Passion
Driven by Dreams
Sustained by Faith

He has run mentorship programmes in over 350 schools in Kenya. Mbugua Mumbi received the 2011 GOLD Initiative Leadership Award, a national award sponsored by Ford Foundation, for his impressive record of school and youth mentorship programmes.


Motivational Speaker and Trainer Extraordinaire

Mbugua Mumbi is known for his high octane delivery. He holds an MBA in Strategic Business Management and has undergone vast training locally and internationally.  He is exceptionally passionate and full of humour. He is a highly gifted, versatile and dynamic motivational speaker and trainer who uses simple yet profound everyday life analogies to bring to life personal success, leadership and business themes. His high octane delivery is characterized by;

  • Passion with purpose.
  • Simplicity with wisdom.
  • Humour with inspiration.
  • Credibility with sensibility.


His wealth of knowledge, passion and selfless delivery has made Mbugua Mumbi a media personality who has featured on both national TVs and radio stations to provide leadership wisdom and motivational perspectives. He also writes for a number of print media.

In addition Mbugua Mumbi is;

  • A national bestselling author
  • Corporate trainer and Coach
  • The Founder and CEO of Success Signature
  • The Founder and CEO of The Success Institute (TSI)
  • The Founder and Chair of Dream Africa Foundation