Who stole your dream-by mbugua mumbi

In life,direction is everything.

Mbugua Mumbi on Who stole Your Dream

"Are you sprinting in the right direction?"

In life direction is everything.

It’s been said that a ship in the ocean and whose captain doesn’t know which port he is going to anchor, no wind can favour him. It’s better to walk like a chameleon in the right direction rather than sprint like a cheetah in the wrong direction.

Are you sprinting in the right direction?

Millions of honest, hard-working men and women are trapped in dead-end jobs, sinking into debt, struggling to improve their health, lonely and disconnected, and unhappy with how their lives have turned out. Many others are satisfied in general and have lots of money, live in great neighbourhoods and drive top of range vehicles. But they still feel unfulfilled in particular areas. Some are in jobs they hate, others are struggling with dysfunctional families, drugs and alcohol and other degenerative habits. 

A vehicle has the potential to transport you but it requires to be ignited, controlled and directed.   Most of us are yet to be ignited, or are ignited but have lost control, or are being controlled in the wrong direction.

The truth is that for our life to change for better we must realize that we have the power within us. However we must have a very clear picture of what we want it to change into.

Does a river struggle to flow? Can a grain of maize struggle and get confused to become black jack? How does an egg hatch into a poultry farm notwithstanding the fact that it doesn’t go to school? How does a miniature seed transform into a mammoth tree even without a guide on how to become?

This website is about rebranding your mind - working on your limiting and conditioned beliefs unconsciously picked along the journey of this life. This limiting mindset has kept you on the bleachers of life denying the superstar with you a chance to play in the arena of legends.

The only thing that is necessary to change a person is to change his awareness of himself ... Abraham maslow

My intention is to share with you very simple yet profound life lessons that will help you to embark or hasten the achievement of the only responsibility we have in this world - to develop. Life is a collection of experiences. This is what we shall exchange through this site. The objective is to help each other live a more balanced, self directed and goal oriented life.

We have the potential. We need to channel it through intentional, conscious, resilient and passionate purpose.